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Staying With Us


Our purpose-built kennels are spacious and secure.

Your pet will have their own individual kennel with a large run. There is lots of activity and social interaction happening throughout the day. Each kennel also has a private, bedded area where they can sleep.

We are equipped to cater for less social dogs, accommodating them in our quieter sections. 

All of our canine residents are exercised daily on our premises. They are walked morning and evening and feeding time is generally in the afternoon. If you wish for us not to feed your dog before collection, please let us know that morning. 

Food is included in your pet's stay. However if they are on a special diet or medication, please let us know their requirements and bring along their food/medicine. 

Cats are accommodated in a purpose built cattery, away from their canine counterparts! With access to a fully secure outdoor run, with slides and activities,  they can exercise and sunbathe out in the open. The cattery is warm and spacious and our own cats pop in every now and again to say hello!

If you wish to view the kennels, please just call or email and we will be happy to accommodate you. 



All of our prices include food, daily exercise and the utmost care and attention for your pet. If you are going away for a long period (overseas, moving house etc.) and need to accommodate your pet please call us to discuss.  

Dogs ​​

€14 - per night for a single dog

€24 - per night for two dogs from the same household

€35 - per night for three dogs from the same household​

Discounts are available for long-term boarders.


€10  - per night for a single cat

€18 - per night for two cats from the same household

€25 - per night for three cats from the same household

Family Discount

If you have a single dog and cat these are charged at €22 per night.

For larger pet family discount please just give us a call to discuss. 



All dogs must be up to date with annual DHPPI+L and Kennel cough vaccinations. Cats must have their annual Cat Flu vaccination. Full certification of vaccination must be presented on arrival. 

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